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232                                                           EFFECTED IK   18T5.
:« estimated at Ss» 10,100, of which snm, Rs. 8,000 are the voluntary offerings
cf the faithful, while only Rs. 2,100 are derived from permanent endowment.®
A branch establishment at Badna Kund with the same dedication Is also suppor-
ted from the funds of thf» parent boase.
The nave, roinons as It is, was evidently to a great extent rebuilt in com-
vsrativelv recent times, the old materials being utilized as far as possible, bat
vhpn they ran short, the place of stone being supplied by trick. A side post
of one of the doors on the sonth side of the nave bears an inscription with the
daw Sami^ 1684 ( A.D. 1827 }9 but It simply records a successful pilgrimage bv a R%ti\re of Kaaaaj in that year. la 1875 I greatly improved the
appearance of the temple by reducing the level of the ground round the chapel,
the plinth of which had teen completely buried, and by removing a number of
buildings from inside the save and from the front of the chape! door. A "bound-
ary wall was also thrown dowBj ar&cl a new approach to the court-yard opened
out from the east with a flight of masonry steps up the ascent. The latter
vere constructed by ihe municipality at a cost of Bs. 200 : the rest of the
expense was borne by the Gossln,
The original image of Madan Mohan is now At Karatdi3 where Raid Gopi!
Sbah, who reigned from 1725 to 1757 A D.? built a new temple for its reception,
after he had obtained it from Ms brother-in-law, the Raja of Jaypnr, The
(rosain whom he placed in charge was a Bengali from Mnrshidabad, by name
Bam Klsbor ; the name of the present incumbent is Mohan Kishor. He has an
endowment in land which brings in a yearly income of Bs. 27,000. The god
is fed seven times a day, the two principal meals being the rdj-bJioo at mid-
day and the             at sleeping time. At the other five only a light repast is
offered, of sweetmeats, Ac.; these are called the memgal arti, which takes place
» ; the dk&p, at 9 AJL ; &e ninga?, at 11 A. M. -f dfap, again at 3 p. x.;
fondkyaftii at dasL
Tf ith reference to thia temple, a curious anecdote is told in the Bhafeta
Gif a devout Vaishnava, by name Stir Das.   He was Governor (Amis) of
in Akbar's reign? and oa one CM5casi«n consumed ail the revenues of his
district in entertaining the priests sad pilgrims at the temple.   The treasure chests
were duly despatched to Deihii but when opened were found to contain nothing
but stones.   Such exaggerated devotion          to commend itself even to the
rniiiister, Todar Mali, wk> threw the enthusiast into pboa •  but the
* 0a t*» rt»4 from                  to J&It, witMn the boundaries of the Till^e of Saamkls, is %
ifitk & toafc,          Earn Tai, pari of the property of the Smpie olMsaan